Oversized Coats

I’ve always loved oversized sweaters because they’re so comfy and cozy, perfect for fall and winter. My newest obsession, though, is the oversized coat. Oversized coats are a bold statement, but it’s super simple to incorporate it into your regular wardrobe. Now there’s nothing wrong with an elegant, form-fitting coat, but the oversized coat isRead more

Bake mini donuts all dressed up for the fourth of July!

Baked Mini Donuts (July 4th)

Today, we celebrate the fourth of July, and what better way than to celebrate with DONUTS!! Usually for donuts (and most delicious things), I’m all for the “bigger is better” concept, with loads of unnecessary and over the top things. But mini donuts are just so cute! And plus, with all the food you’ll beRead more

Cantaloupe discs topped with yogurt and fruit

Cantaloupe donut

I don’t know who comes up with such crazy creative ideas. For example, watermelon pizza– even though it’s kind of blasphemous to call it pizza when there’s zero cheese involved, it’s so inventive, pretty, and good for you! So I decided that if watermelon pizza can be a thing, giant CANTALOUPE DONUT can also be aRead more