DIY Mermaid Crown (& makeup)

They say to always be yourself, unless you can be a mermaid, then always be a mermaid. What I love about this costume is that you don’t need to wear a seashell bra and figure out how to walk around in a mermaid fin to be a mermaid. I made an amazingly easy mermaid crown, did some mermaid makeup, curled my hair, and I was good to go! 

The great thing about this costume is that it can be done pretty last minute. I made my crown from things I found at the dollar tree and hobby lobby. Total cost was less than $10 (excluding hot glue gun stuff). It’s also nice because you can use your creativity and go whichever direction you want! I got the basic steps from this link, and let my inner mermaid go crazy. First, get a crown from the dollar store- get one that can bend a little because they’re usually made for kids, and I had to stretch mine a bit to fit my big head.


Then wrap the whole crown in silver pipe cleaner. This was EASILY the most annoying part of the whole process. It took about 20 pipe cleaners to wrap my whole crown. Covering the crown in pipe cleaner has 2 benefits: 1. (more important) It gives you a more substantial base and something to glue everything onto. 2. If there are some gaps, the color is much easier on the eyes than hot pink. Agreed?


Then go crazy and add whatever seashells you want with hot glue. You can stop there and keep it basic, or jazz it up however you want. I added a jewelry pendent to hang down on my forehead, then just put sparkly things all over the place.

My bear had to be my crown model

Oh, I also painted the little hair combs brown (with nail polish) because the pink was definitely visible.

Color the hair comb portion the same color as your hair

Another thing is that the crown is extremely heavy, so I needed 2 bobby pins on each side to hold it on my head (criss cross the bobby pins). It’s amazing how much security 2 little bobby pins can offer.

Mermaid makeup. There are a bunch a tutorials on pinterest (much better than what I’m about to share with you), but the basic idea is to use fishnet stockings to create the mermaid scale pattern. I don’t own fishnets, so I bougt a laundry bag at the dollar store (the little ones you’re supposed to put your delicates in). I cut a little piece of it, held it up to my face, and went crazy with eyeshadows and my fingers (dabbing motion, no wiping). The trick is to hold it pretty firmly in one location. After doing it my diy method, I see the appeal of the fishnet- it’s stretchy and you put it over your head, so you don’t have to hold it in place or worry about it moving around. Oh, before I applied the eyeshadows, I put some lighter colored concealer as a base where I’d be putting the eyeshadow so the colors could pop. I used golds, blues, and purples, and chose shiny/metallic shades to give the whole look a glammed up look. Now’s your chance to rummage through your eyeshadows and use all the crazy colors you never get to use! A little advice: even though you’re using colors, use the same concepts of contouring- darker colors where you would contour, and lighter where you would highlight.



I also put some of the scale pattern on my neck for extra drama. And I put some of the rhinestones right around my eyes with eyelash glue (just for some extra glam). For my lips, a wiped some coconut oil on my lips, and smeared some gold and purple eyeshadow on top and blended (with my fingers again).

Add some scales to your neck too

Mermaid hair. Loose curls. I finally got to put my massive mermaid-like hair to good use today!


Outfit. I chose to go with a gold skirt and crochet top (basically, things in my closet so I didn’t have to buy anything extra). The gold complements the make up, and the crochet top kind of resembles a net…stretching it? Oh well. You could also dress in all black maybe? Or all gold? Or purple or blue? Just find anything to wear. With the make up and crown, there’s no way people won’t be able to tell that you’re a mermaid.


Last little note. I apologize this tutorial is kind of late for this halloween. Like I said though, you can still easily throw it together last minute if you want! Or, this can come in handy for next halloween (or really any other day you feel like being a mermaid)!

Also, I took a ridiculous amount of selfies for this post. SO MANY!! Kind of ashamed, but I hope it helps you when you’re transforming into a beautiful mermaid!

Mermaid kisses from me to you XOXO

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