DIY Flower Mickey Ears

These adorable DIY Mickey ears are a little modern twist on the classic pair of ears, and are extremely easy to make, affordable, and customize-able. 

I’m going to DISNEY WORLD for New Years!! So, obviously as a grown and mature adult, I had to make myself some Micky ears. There are so many adorable DIY ears I saw on Pinterest, but because it’s for New Years, I wanted to go for a more glittery/glam/classy look. I was inspired by a wonderful thought for these ears, but opted for glitter and a white/gold color palate to fit my theme.

I love this project because you can customize it however you want. I’m going on a New Years trip to Disney World (eek!!), so I did a New Years theme – gold, white and sparkly. However, it’s super easy to make these ears fit any occasion or holiday. Just pick certain colors or flowers that work. I think a super cute idea would be a Christmas edition with pine leaves and pine cones and maybe a few holly leaves. Maybe next year…

I bought most of my materials at the Dollar Tree, which made this project super cheap and affordable. The only thing I had to buy separately was the wire (I got it on amazon). However, I did see that they had floral wire at the Dollar Tree – it was a little thinner than the 12 gauge, which would make it a little less sturdy, but would probably work just fine. 

12 gauge wire
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Fake Flowers, variety
Wire cutters
Wire benders (optional)
Glass jar (optional)

DIRECTIONS (scroll down for photos)
Cut your flowers at the stems or in bunches and lay them out so you know what you’re working with.
Make the Ears. Bend the wires into the shape of mickey ears (round) and cut with little tails on each end. I used a glass spaghetti jar to mold the wire around to make them all the same and perfectly round. I used painters tape as markers to make them all the same size. I used jewelry wire benders to make the little “tails” that make it easier to glue to the headband.
Hot glue your ears into place, making sure you hold them until the glue is dry.
Hot glue flowers into place as you’d like. Get creative, and have lots of fun!

Top left: lay out all the materials and flowers. Top right: bend the wire around a glass jar to form the ears. Bottom left: adjust shape of the ears as necessary. Bottom right: hot glue the ear to the headband.

 Hope you enjoy these a much as I did. Now excuse me as I release my inner kid and act the age that I look!

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