Lemon Ricotta Zoodles

This light and refreshing bowl of zoodles topped with a lemon ricotta sauce makes the perfectly satisfying, yet light and healthy meal that only takes a few minutes to make! Zoodles, zucchini noodles, zucchini ribbons, spiralized zucchini, whatever you call them, they’re amazing. The great thing about zoodles is that you can make them withRead more

French Onion Mac & Cheese

The warm and comforting flavors of french onion soup are incorporated into a an already scrumptious mac and cheese, creating an exceptionally delicious and flavorful dish! French onion soup is one of those dishes that I get super random cravings for, especially now that the weather has been a bit colder. It has a beef broth baseRead more

Gnocchi Carbonara

This spin off the classic pasta carbonara takes all the traditional ingredients of cured meat, eggs, cheese, and garlic, but is prepared with gnocchi instead of pasta. I actually didn’t know what pasta carbonara was. I was familiar with the title of it, and was vaguely aware that the sauce was not tomato based, and that maybeRead more