Chili Loaded Baked Potato

This perfectly baked potato gets a major upgrade with homemade chili and a variety of toppings. The chili is easy to make, exceptionally flavorful, and hearty and comforting enough for any fall or winter day.  Plain baked potatoes are yummy with just a pat of butter and salt and pepper. However, sometimes you have toRead more

Gnocchi Carbonara

This spin off the classic pasta carbonara takes all the traditional ingredients of cured meat, eggs, cheese, and garlic, but is prepared with gnocchi instead of pasta. I actually didn’t know what pasta carbonara was. I was familiar with the title of it, and was vaguely aware that the sauce was not tomato based, and that maybeRead more

Carnitas (Mexican Pulled Pork) Tacos

This perfectly seasoned pulled pork is slow cooked in the oven to make it incredibly tender and juicy, then finished off under the broiler for a crispy finish. The prep is minimal and you can do it ahead of time, making it great for serving a crowd. Carnitas means “little meats,” and is the Mexican version of pulledRead more