Hi!! I’m so excited you’re here! Let’s get to know each other a little.
My name is Eunice. I lived most of my life in southern California, and have been told that I definitely vibe like a Californian, whatever that means. I absolutely love sunny days for brunch on the patio, sitting by the pool, and just soaking up that vitamin D (most of us are deficient, you know). I also have an absurd obsession with the changing colors of fall leaves, most likely the result of an autumn-less Los Angeles. I’m both clumsy and stubborn, a very dangerous combination; I laundry all colors together, and cross my fingers that nothing comes out a different color than it went in; my toes feel naked without nail polish in the summertime (although they’re usually chipped); I iron my shirts with a flat iron that I ironically (ahaha see what I did there…) never use for my hair; I wear scrubs (or “work pajamas,” as my boss calls them) most days and find wearing normal clothes kind of exciting; I’m a dabbler in much and get obsessed with random things; I write with a lot a parentheticals (if you haven’t noticed by now) and write as if I’m talking, which means many run-ons and incomplete sentences. Wow, what a long and random list about me! The last thing I will share is that I love food, (who doesn’t??) and am borderline obsessed! I enjoy meal planning, sifting through recipes, grocery shopping (literally one of my favorite hobbies), cooking, tweaking recipes (to make it healthier, possibly yummier, or simply because I don’t have an ingredient), plating, and sharing the meal with people I love. Checking out new restaurants and cafes, ordering too much food, and taking pictures in amazement (obviously) are also quite enjoyable. As much as I have fun cooking and baking, there are more nights than I care to admit that I’ll have a bowl of cereal (or 3 or 4) or some cheese/crackers and call it a night. Last thing for real- I usually don’t follow recipes that well, and I’ll try my best to be accurate for the blog’s sake, but here’s my disclaimer: if your food doesn’t turn out spectacularly and gloriously divine, it’s not my fault (:
Now it’s your turn



I can’t brag about being a single mom of 4 that “does it all” or tell an amazing story about how I beat all odds, survived cancer, and am now solving world hunger. I’m a very normal person (well, some may disagree about the normal part) just doing life, and trying to make the most of it. You know when you’re little and your school project is due tomorrow, but you look at your finished product and it looks terrible? I don’t know about you, but my go-to solution was always to smother whatever it was in elmer’s glue and throw a bunch of glitter on it – so much that the paper oftentimes became soggy and was barely dried by morning. That 5-year old mentality is still very much alive and active in my life today. Sometimes I want a little break from my oh-so-normal life, so I do life, but throw some “glitter” on it. For me, this can manifest as plating my dish extra pretty even though it’s just for me, or maybe adding one special ingredient to grandma’s famous cookie recipe to give it that extra umph. Sometimes taking the additional step to package a gift nicely, or just wearing that super cute (but kind of weird) shirt that’s been in the back of your closet gives you a smidgen of extra joy. And let’s face it, we can all use a little extra happiness in our lives! This blog is just about me living my normal and imperfect life. Most of it will be food-related, and there will be occasional sprinklings of crafts and fashion mixed in (and probably some super random stuff, too). So follow along, and I hope you’re inspired to always be happy and healthy, know how to indulge a little, and to throw a little glitter in your life!! (: