3-Ingredient Ricotta Toast

So that’s the end of my 3-ingredient ricotta toast series! I’ve done 9 different ricotta toasts made with only 3 ingredients each, and they’ve been sweet and savory, creative and fun, and super easy. I hope you enjoyed it and are inspired to be creative in your flavor, texture, and ingredient combinations. So please be adventurous and go let your creativity run wild!

Here are all the toasts of the toast series:
Ricotta Toast w/ Chocolate Chips, Granola & Powdered Sugar
Ricotta Toast w/ Blackberries, Pumpkin Seeds & Brown Sugar
Ricotta Toast w/ Avocado, Almonds & Black Sesame Seeds
Ricotta Toast w/ Bananas, Nuts & Chocolate Sauce
Ricotta Toast w/ Kiwi, Mango & Condensed Milk
Ricotta Toast w/ Pear, Honey & Black Pepper
Ricotta Toast w/ Beets, Apples & Pistachios
Ricotta Toast w/ Edamame, Sesame Oil & Brown Mustard Seeds
Ricotta Toast w/ Blueberries, Thyme & Maple Syrup

I really hope you enjoyed this whole series! Hugs & kisses and all my best wishes!

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