Gnocchi Carbonara

This spin off the classic pasta carbonara takes all the traditional ingredients of cured meat, eggs, cheese, and garlic, but is prepared with gnocchi instead of pasta. I actually didn’t know what pasta carbonara was. I was familiar with the title of it, and was vaguely aware that the sauce was not tomato based, and that maybeRead more

DIY Mermaid Crown (& makeup)

They say to always be yourself, unless you can be a mermaid, then always be a mermaid. What I love about this costume is that you don’t need to wear a seashell bra and figure out how to walk around in a mermaid fin to be a mermaid. I made an amazingly easy mermaid crown, did someRead more

Cheesy Cauliflower “Risotto” with Mushrooms

    This intensely satisfying and perfectly cheesy dish is not only satiating and scrumptious, but is also low in fat, calories, and carbs! There’s a secret ingredient in here that makes all the magic – COTTAGE CHEESE! You read that correctly. The same curdles that many people dislike for breakfast (what weirdos) is the very thingRead more

Breakfast Stuffed Sweet Potatoes (with caramelized bananas & tahini)

Roasted sweet potatoes stuffed with caramelized bananas, tahini, honey, chocolate chips, and granola. This exceptionally comforting dish is healthy and filling enough for the perfect breakfast, but is indulgent enough for dessert! I think I’m late to the tahini party. If you’ve never tried it (or heard of it) before, that’s ok. It’s basically groundRead more

Carnitas (Mexican Pulled Pork) Tacos

This perfectly seasoned pulled pork is slow cooked in the oven to make it incredibly tender and juicy, then finished off under the broiler for a crispy finish. The prep is minimal and you can do it ahead of time, making it great for serving a crowd. Carnitas means “little meats,” and is the Mexican version of pulledRead more

Quinoa Stuffed Honeynut Squash

Roasted honeynut squash stuffed with quinoa, arugula, feta, nuts, and dried fruit make an incredibly healthy, delicious, and comforting meal that’s perfect to welcome the fall! My sister is a firm believer that all things mini are cute. These little honeynut squash kind of prove her point. I didn’t know what they were, or evenRead more

Savory Stuffed French Toast

This is basically a fancied up grilled cheese that gets the french toast treatment. The grilled cheese is extra special because it’s loaded with fig jam, gruyere cheese, pears, and bacon. Then it gets a nice soak in a seasoned egg mixture, and is cooked up in bacon fat for the most satisfying and scrumptiousRead more

Chocolate Pudding Cupcake w/ Nutella Frosting

These extra chocolatey cupcakes are moist but light & fluffy thanks to store bought cake mix and pudding powder. They’re made extra special with an incredibly easy Nutella frosting! I just celebrated a birthday. I’m the biggest hypocrite when it comes to birthday celebrations because I LOVE to celebrate birthdays in the biggest way possible – make aRead more

Elotes Fritters

Elotes (Mexican Street Corn) Fritters

Elotes, or Mexican street corn is traditionally grilled corn on the cob that is covered with an assortment of toppings including sour cream, mayo, cojita cheese, chili powder, lime juice, and cilantro. These fritters capture all of those familiar flavors, but are rolled up and fried into a delicious ball of goodness. Elotes are a streetRead more

Kabocha Squash Porridge (Hobakjuk) + Rice Dumplings

This silky and comforting kabocha squash porridge is topped with sweet rice dumplings, making a perfectly satisfying, delicious, and healthy soup to enjoy this fall. Hobakjuk is a Korean porridge traditionally made with steamed squash and some form of glutinous rice (either soaked rice or rice flour). Here’s your Korean lesson for today from someone with very questionable Korean languageRead more