A perfect biscuit topped with fig jam, mascarpone whipped cream, and fresh figs.

Figgy Shortcake

This figgy shortcake is a fun little spin off the classic strawberry shortcake. With it being fig season and all, there are figs all over the grocery store. I can never resist, and usually end up buying a big box of figs just for the heck of it – I have issues, I know…to beRead more

Birthday cake blended into a milkshake makes for the perfect celebratory treat!

Birthday Cake Shake

This is a milkshake that has birthday cake blended into it!! My super simple layered birthday cake doesn’t require any special equipment, but leaves you with some leftover cake. You might not like the fact that you have all this excess cake, but trust me, you’ll be happy you do after you try this milkshake. Ice creamRead more

Super simple layered birthday cake that requires no special equipment (or talent)

Simple Layered Birthday Cake (no special equipment needed)

I always see those beautiful layered cakes and want to make them, but shy away from it because I don’t want to buy all the special equipment- certain sized cake pans, the spinning thing they put the cake on to frost it, those fancy spatulas, whatever you need to cut the tops off the cakeRead more

All the flavors and textures of traditional mango sticky rice rolled up into an adorably cute ball, served with an assortment of fruit!

Thai sticky rice balls w/ assorted fruit

Mango sticky rice is a Thai dessert that’s traditionally served as a scoop of sweetened coconut rice with sliced mango and coconut sauce over the top. It’s kind of like the tiramisu of an Italian restaurant- you’ll usually find mango sticky rice as the dessert option at a Thai restaurant. If you haven’t tried it, you’re kindRead more